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Wifi connection Network : villa_wifi Login : 2iscaraibes

Connected TV You have access to local channels, Netflix, Youtube, .... At the end of your stay remember to disconnect from your accounts by going to the "help" section.

Mini JBL speaker You can find it with its charging cables in the small basket located in the wooden niche. Thank you for respecting the other occupants and the neighborhood by maintaining a moderate sound volume.

Air conditioning The ideal temperature is 24°, only 10 minutes are enough to cool the room. When turning on the air conditioner, make sure that all doors and windows are closed as well as the aluminum blinds. Also make sure that the bathroom door is closed. In order to protect the environment, please turn off the air conditioning when you are away. We will proceed to an increase of your stay package if we notice an excessive use of it.

Remote control of the terrace awning It is very important to leave the awning in the open position in case of absence and strong wind.

Multi-function remote control for the studios and Malanga It is hung on the wall next to the bay window. To select the programs, press the round button on the remote control, the light will turn red.

1st light - Pergola's pivoting slats

2nd light - Pergola spotlights (4th for the Hoya)

3rd light - Kitchen curtain 

Opening or closing of the Pergola vents  : select the 1st light by pressing the round button, then press the up arrow to open or down arrow to close.

Lighting of the LED  of the pergola: select the 2nd light then press the up arrow to turn on or down arrow to turn off.

Opening and closing the kitchen blinds  : select the 3rd light by pressing the round button, then press either the up arrow to raise or down arrow to lower the blind. Please close the kitchen blinds and raise the privacy curtain while you are away.

Opening and closing the shelves Opening: Press the small button on the handle to open, pressing lightly on the left to unlock the security and then turn the handle to the right. Closing: Turn the handle to the left until you hear a small click. You can leave the shelves open except in case of heavy rain.

LED lights In order to create a subdued atmosphere, blue LED lights have been installed on the ceiling of the bathroom and in your Tiny Pool. LED bathroom : 1st switch (the lighting is not instantaneous, wait a second. LED Tiny Piscine : bottom switch in the room.

Household appliances You will find,

- A hair dryer in the bathroom cabinet with a diffuser tip,

- In the sliding cupboard of the kitchen : A toaster, a Nespresso coffee maker and a kettle.

- A microwave grill, the programs are displayed by opening the door of this one

- A dishwasher

- A 2-burner stove (to light it, press the button on the right, then unlock the plate by pressing the padlock. Then select the plate to be lit by pressing the button in the shape of a moon, then increase the temperature).

- A washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room, as well as an iron. The laundry room is accessed from the lower parking lot by taking the Japanese steps on the right to the long decked hallway. It's the fist door on your right. I'ts open from 3pm to 8pm.

For your comfort, if you notice any dysfunction or breakage in your home, thank you to notify me as soon as possible.

In case of breakage or damage

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you will be charged in case of breakage or damage: 5€ Water glasses, plates, bowls, mugs.... 5€ Footed glasses, Ti punch glasses, LOVE goblet 25€ Towels, foutas 20€ Pillowcase 150€ Set of sheets 25€ Lamps, decoration, cushion 40€ Kettle, toaster 200€ Nespresso 250€ Cooking plate, microwave 500€ TV, dishwasher 40€ Loss of keys or remote control Parts ELECTROLUX refrigerator : 60€ Bottle holder 40€ Simple balcony 35€ Balcony for butter without the shutter 45€ Balcony flap 90€ Vegetable bin 70€ Glass shelf 90€ Freezer door 40€ Freezer door handle